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BCB 544 - Fall 2013

Introduction to Bioinformatics



  • A problem-solving approach to learning fundamentals of bioinformatics, genomics, computational biology and systems biology. Includes practical use of databases and web-based computational tools to investigate biological problems.
  • Intended audience: Graduate students in biological science majors. (available for non-major graduate credit). This is not a required course for BCB majors. Can be used to fulfill "Genomics, Bioinformatics and Statistical Genetics" requirements for IG majors. Auditors & visitors are always welcome! Unlike offerings in previous years, this course assumes biology background at the level of BIOL 313; interested students from a computer science or engineering background should enroll in BCB 444 instead.
  • Prereq: Math 165 or Stat 401 or equiv; or permission of instructor.
  • Credits: 4 credits (3 lectures & 1 computer lab each week).


Lectures for all sections are: MWF 10:00-10:50 AM in 1428 MBB. Labs times TBD.


    This course is offered on Blackboard. Please contact one of the instructors for access to description, syllabus, and sample course materials. The 2011 course syllabus is available for reference here.


  • Ben Lewis

Office Hrs: Tue 11-12 or by appointment
in 106 Molecular Biology Building (MBB) 294-4991

  • Drena Dobbs



  • Dafang Wang
    E-mail: dwang at iastate dot edu


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